Your Colleagues

Bernhard Stabel, Lahmeyer International, Head of Geology, Geotechnics and Dams Department

I enjoy working with Lahmeyer, because I can contribute to interesting projects all over the world. It allows me to become acquainted with many different viewpoints, both professional and cultural. Together with top-calibre colleagues from all over the world, we strive to find solutions, work efficiently and in an unbureaucratic manner.

Bungo Ezawa, Lahmeyer International, Project Director Wind Energy Morocco

For me, to organise the transfer of know-how of innovative technologies in a complex contractual and intercultural environment throughout all project phases presents a colourful challenge which I enjoy tackling on a daily basis as a member of a fully committed team.

Dr. A. K. Jha, Lahmeyer International India, Head of Hydropower & Water Resources Division

I find it truly fascinating to apply successful methods to the field of hydropower and, in doing so, collaborate with people who have a store of rich and varied experience. The interaction of various stakeholders such as architects, investors and lenders ensures a high level of personal satisfaction.

Evelyn Orda, Managing Director Lahmeyer IDP Consult

After receiving a warm welcome I now feel fully integrated in the Lahmeyer family and I’m not even in my second year. I am really impressed by the vast expertise in Lahmeyer International, the sophisticated know-how and the work ethics.

Michael Chegwin, Lahmeyer International, Head of Sustainable Water and Land Resources Development

I work in interdisciplinary and multinational teams of experts. Our projects include complex socio-technical systems such as irrigation schemes and multi-purpose projects, which present a variety of technical and administrative challenges. Innovative approaches are therefore essential.

Ralf Bucher, Lahmeyer International, Project Manager for Electrical Engineering and Control Technology

Working for Lahmeyer has enriched my life. Apart from dealing in-depth with complex plant technology, exchanging ideas with our clients’ specialists in different countries provides continuous stimulation.

Venja Schachtner, Lahmeyer International, Assistant to the Commercial Director of the Energy Division

I applied for the job right after I had finished my apprenticeship in 1998 and Lahmeyer gave me a chance to engage myself in an internationally operating company: A wonderful piece of luck for me as a foreign language secretary. Since then I feel really comfortable working with Lahmeyer. I am the assistant to the Commercial Director and the associated Commercial Department of the Energy Division.

Dr. Gang Sheng, Lahmeyer International, Engineer Hydropower & Water Resources

I have been involved in all development phases of hydropower projects, such as feasibility study, tender design, tender documents, bid evaluation and contract negotiation, approval of the execution documents provided by the suppliers, erection supervision and commissioning. The diversity of the activity makes my job highly interesting, and (nearly) every day there is a new challenge. In the course of the projects, I have come to know many different cultures.


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