Rail Transport Facilities

The planning and implementation of rail transport facilities is a task of particular importance. Due to their extraordinary technical requirements, with their own technical regulations and licensing procedures, as well as the highest operational security requirements, a very specific technical competence is required.

Especially when it comes to maintaining on-going operations during new construction or sanitation as unrestricted and trouble-free as possible, an intelligent and forward-looking project monitoring is required. It has to visualise beforehand all possible critical dependencies, and suggest appropriate measures in order to maintain a smooth-running process at an early stage.

In this case, project experience cannot be replaced by anything else. Lahmeyer has comprehensive expertise, and sets up teams of experienced experts especially for both regional and national rail projects.

Our Competencies:

  • New high-speed and upgraded lines
  • Urban and suburban lines
  • Railway stations
  • New construction of electronic interlocking systems
  • Railway tunnels
  • Railway level crossings


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