Building and Industrial Construction

Building construction addresses the design and construction of structures that are mainly above ground. Large and complex construction projects involve many challenges: in every project phase, they require, for instance, a multitude of different planners, specialists, and craftsmen. A project's success depends on the excellent coordination among the parties, and on the proper manner of dealing with the necessary authorities – experience and often a gentle touch are required.

Lahmeyer employs project managers, who are acquainted with this complex scope of duties. We advise you in all matters and phases of building and construction, as it is quite important for our clients to meet the necessary decisions for an economic and ecological orientation at the earliest possible stage, which means in the early conceptual phase. Nowadays, intelligent planning allows that environmental responsibility and economic advantages are no longer mutually exclusive. The advantages are obvious: Future-proof buildings of persistently lasting value, even in the light of growing competition.

Our Competencies:

  • Office and administration buildings
  • Healthcare buildings
  • Buildings for education and research
  • Shopping centres and retail space
  • Buildings for transportation infrastructure
  • Cultural buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Industrial buildings


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